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My name is Mariano Belinky. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am an Associate in McKinsey & Co.'s Madrid office.

Before joining McKinsey, I was a Ph.D. candidate in the Artificial Intelligence program at the Universitat Polit├Ęcnica de Catalunya. I expect to obtain my degree in 2009. My thesis is focused on complex economic networks, and is directed by Prof.Bruce Kogut at Columbia Business School in New York.

I moved to Spain from the US in 2004. I got my BA in Philosophy and Computer Science from New York University in 2001, and then joined Bridgewater Associates, an institutional money manager in Westport, CT. I worked there as a research technology associate from 2001 to 2004.

Before moving to NY, I was a part-time Philosophy student at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, while working as derivatives trader for a private financial firm. I left in 1998, and spent a year studying Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence at the University of Essex in the UK.

Econ Networks

<Some projects and random research bits>

Growth dynamics of economic networks: my current project and research thesis. As many large complex networks of individuals or institutions interacting in a non-linear fashion, economic networks exhibit similar behavior as other "small world" networks which are being currently studied in the literature.

We focus our analysis on several empirical economic complex networks, mostly looking at their growth and development dynamics, community structure and their tendency to reinforce existing relations among agents, or what we call repeated ties. This last feature puts us in the realm of weighted complex networks, which is not as explored yet as the unweighted networks universe.
venture capital network dynamicsVisualizing Network Dynamics: When working in a large multi-disciplinary team, good visualizations can work wonders generating new intuitions and eliciting field-agnostic metaphors. Thinking about "stories" which can explain these networks, the group quickly adopts the metaphors and uses them to bridge gaps in field-specific concepts or vocabulary.

We've been working with networks of investment transactions between venture capital firms and start-up companies in the US during a 45-year period. We try to develop visualizations which allow an intuitive analysis of the geographic growth of the VC market. Our aim is to discover relevant feaures in the evolutionary dynamics of the networks, which tend to be hard to spot using traditional analytical techniques. Some early examples can be seen here.
SparklinesSparklines v2: A while back I started spending some time playing with this neat idea from Edward Tufte. Every so often I go back and tweak a thing here and there to make them smarter.
Gandhi was once asked by a reporter what he thought about western civilization. He reflected for a moment and dryly replied: "i think it would be a good idea."